Working Groups and Emails

Workshop working groups:

  1. Brown, MacInnes, Technologist
  2. Reimann, Balasubramanian, Technologist
  3. Betz, Ball, Technologist
  4. Galambos, Barreto, Technologist
  5. Trembley, Seltzer-Kelly, Technologist
  6. Loy, Petit, Hristova, Pikaart, Technologist
  7. Smith, Bandstra, Technologist
  8. Technologist working group to brainstorm video, module archiving, server, project management, and other comprehensive project issues

Project teams:

Harry Brown (DePauw) and Ian MacInnes (Albion). English, digital humanities

David Reimann (Albion) and Suman Balasubramanian. (DePauw). Mathematics, multivariate calculus

Heather Betz (Albion) and Thomas Ball (DePauw) in kinesiology.

Shonda Kuiper (Grinnell) and Adam Loy (Lawrence) in mathematics and statistics.

Adam Galambos (Lawrence) and Humberto Barreto (DePauw) in economics.

Marcy Sacks (Albion) and Jean Petit (Hope) in history.

Beth Trembley (Hope) and Deborah Seltzer-Kelly (Wabash) in writing and education.

Martyn Smith (Lawrence) and Barry Bandstra (Hope) in religion, Quran, Hebrew Bible.

Project descriptions

Instructor addresses:

Adam Loy Shonda Kuiper Heather Betz Thomas Ball Harry Brown Ian MacInnes Lon Porter Mike Pikaart Adam Galambos Humberto Barreto Martyn Smith Elizabeth Trembley Jeanne Petit David Reimann Suman Balasubramanian Adam Galambos Humberto Barreto Marcy Sacks Deborah Seltzer-Kelly Maria Hristova

Support addresses:

Arno Damerow Michael Reisterer Leo Herzog Jin Kim Veronica Pejril Beth Wilkerson David Neville

Steering committee addresses:

Barry Bandstra David Berk James Brown David Lopatto Donnie Sendelbach John Woell